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About me

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I am an award-winning filmmaker who enjoys writing and making comedy/drama films, as well as working with other directors to achieve their vision.


Most recently, I worked with Stormhouse Pictures, as Director of Animation on an independent short, Puddle - (trailer).


The previous film I animated - After I Saw You, went viral online and screened in competition at the academy recognised Encounters Film Festival, along with being screened at many other festivals -


My 2013 NFTS graduation film Talent Show, has been nominated for and won awards; including a nomination at the academy recognised, Austin Film Festival.


I have directed an award winning live action advert Samurai for Babyliss, as well as holding multiple actor casting sessions, in a director role.


I enjoy playing with actors to see what we can come up with together. This is something I am looking to do more of, with a vision to blend the live action and animated worlds.


Currently, I am writing a comedy/drama short about a successful business-woman, who’s board meeting (and life) is interrupted by a huge talking fly.

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